YNIQ won the prestigious ISPO awards at ISPO 2015 in Munich. We were awarded WINNER for our peripheral vision technology on Model Four and One. Our invention provides you with the broadest vision available on the ski goggle market.

Our extreme peripheral field of vision is a fact, not just marketing nonsense. 

Peripheral vision affects the sensation of speed and motion. Many people feel trapped in ordinary goggles. Modern skiing, sweeping across the slopes have increased collisions and head injuries. Imagine driving a car with covered side windows. Driving forward is not a problem but in traffic you will soon be in big trouble. Yniq makes a difference.

Yniq’s Self Supporting Modular outriggers, that holds the strap, are made from MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) stainless steel and makes a robust and beautiful goggle. Due to these innovative outriggers we have been able to incorporate three lenses in the goggle. Two small “windows” are located on each side of the goggle, between the outriggers. 

The greatly increased peripheral vision helps the skier that feels trapped in ordinary goggles. It also makes the skiing more enjoyable and safer. For the freestyle skier, like Jesper Tjäder, it will greatly help spot the landing while spinning and turning. The alpine racer will feel better balance and coordination. And then it’s the STUNNING looks.