At the helm, on the driving range, on your road bike or just on the road to somewhere... these sports luxury shades are for you.


A design process is never linear. Together with our Swedish design office, we invested a substantial amount of time to let this shape evolve. The design matured and just got better. Sort of fitting for the wearer we had in mind.


On a more detailed level: Frames are injection molded using the Grilamid TR 90 polymer, which makes them super-light and more or less impossible to break, which is absolutely crucial for any sports activity. Integrated metal flex hinges for better fit and feel. Lenses are advanced polymers for shades for active use with numerous sophisticated coatings for protection against literally all existing harmful rays, as well as a hardening coating against scratches and coating against fog. Manufactured in Italy to the highest standards (our own) and amazing attention to detail. For proof of the latter; study the Yniq metal unicorn on the temples.


Designed with love in Sweden, manufactured with care in Italy

All our products are born in Stockholm, Sweden. The design process is the first step towards premium quality. We do not leave any space between ambition and finished products. For us its more important that our products have highest quality in combination with the best design and function, than it is to rush any product development process.

Quality - Sport - Luxury

YNIQ is a company in the sports luxury segment. We have the ambition to bring back fashion to sports. We have a stable position in the stores based on that we always protect our values; Quality - Sport - Luxury. We do not fear temporary lows in the economic trends for we know that premium sports will always be performed no matter what happens.