Stylish handmade metal frames from Italy. A rather un-Swedish touch of Swedish design makes these sunglasses stand out in any crowd. Beautifully finished metal and high quality lenses with a variety of coatings for mirrors, anti-scratch and anti- fog. Almost invisible metal flex hinges are incorporated in the acetate temples for perfect fit and that extra luxury touch.


Universal. Timeless. And call us biased, but... we absolutely loved the design from the very first day. If there is one word that could always describe the Aviator, it’s probably versatile. Unisex, all-ages, all-city, all-mountain... After the launch, we got the reports from our retailers: ”It’s a success. Buyers are often getting more than one pair. In several colors.” At that time, we were certain we had a future classic in our hands. Some of the details that combined create the Aviator: Handmade in Italy, using only the very best parts and materials available. Double springed hinges – almost invisible. Note the Yniq logo on the temples plus another logo laser etched into the front metal frame. A variety of coatings are available. Different mirror-types; naturally they’re have all been treated for resistance against scratches and with hydrophobic coating added to prevent fog. A Swedish design. Yet very un-Swedish, if you ask us. And – dare we also say – very, very stylish.


Designed with love in Sweden, manufactured with care in Italy

All our products are born in Stockholm, Sweden. The design process is the first step towards premium quality. We do not leave any space between ambition and finished products. For us its more important that our products have highest quality in combination with the best design and function, than it is to rush any product development process.


Quality - Sport - Luxury

YNIQ is a company in the sports luxury segment. We have the ambition to bring back fashion to sports. We have a stable position in the stores based on that we always protect our values; Quality - Sport - Luxury. We do not fear temporary lows in the economic trends for we know that premium sports will always be performed no matter what happens.