The time we spend out there is the greatest luxury. Be it in the mountains, on slope, on the trails. To us, those days are priceless. Having to spend time in boardrooms and phone conferences, makes you enjoy the days on the mountain even more. Being out there is not only vitalizing, for us it was also a crucial component when we founded this company. By spending a lot of time at higher elevations, we gathered huge amounts of experience that was later converted into the very first Yniq prototypes in 2009. We continue to build on that knowledge. We continue to fine-tune our collection of goggles to perfection.

We are Yniq and we continue to be the makers of the most exclusive ski goggles and sportsluxury eyeware available. I certainly hope that you will enjoy what you see.


Which reminds me that here at the Yniq HQ, we have some more research to do. The mountains are calling and I must go.

See you at higher altitudes!

Mikael Kenson, Co founder, Yniq Eyewear