- Yniq owns the sports luxury position in the eyewear business. We love life and earth is our playground. We design, produce and sell products that are positioned in the segment where absolutely nothing is compromised before feel, quality and passion. That is true luxury. And luxury for us is important.

We are a value driven company

Yniq was founded to give skiers and boarders the world's best goggles. Nothing less. Our values were not formulated to fill a space in a PowerPoint presentation. They're in our DNA. We live them. They drive us forward. Freeskiing icon Jon Olsson, one of the Yniq founders, was once asked by a journalist what motivated him to make 452 training jumps on a waterramp: This is my way of doing things and I honestly know of no alternative. I just want to become very, very, very good at everything I do. That spirit says a lot about Jon and consequently, it says a lot about Yniq. We never cut corners. Never.

We are Yniq

We are the makers of the most innovative and stylish eye protection on the planet. We don't just spend the season in the mountains . We spend the entire year there. And with all the experience we have acquired, we saw that there was plenty of room for improvement.
We look for perfection in every single detail. Let’s repeat ourselves: Perfection. If there’s a better material, we will use it. If we see that a component can be designed in a better way, we will invest the hours to make it perfect. It’s not the easiest path. Testing, calculating and gathering input and feedback are as vital as thinking outside the box and overturning conventions. Being innovative will always cost more, but we are not chasing costs. We are aiming for perfection.

They look good for a reason

If it’s not functional, then it’s not properly designed. The Yniq designs weren’t born in a computer in some nifty design studio. It is our firm belief that a design should be developed, shaped and reshaped on the mountain. Only such a hands-on development process will benefit the skiers and boarders in the long run. The fact that the Yniq ski goggles offer a 30% wider field of vision than ordinary goggles is not a coincidence. The fact that you can change your lense without a lot of hassle is not a coincidence. Not all goggles have been designed by skiers and boarders. Our goggles are. That’s a fact.