Square- Black, Blue mirror

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Product in stock 2015-05-10


Stylish handmade metal frames from Italy. A rather un-Swedish touch of Swedish design makes these sunglasses stand out in any crowd. Beautifully finished metal and high quality lenses with a variety of coatings for mirrors, anti-scratch and anti- fog. Almost invisible metal flex hinges are incorporated in the acetate temples for perfect fit and that extra luxury touch.

The very well thought-out details in this Swedish design: The double springed metal flex hinges have been incorporated in the acetate temples, making them literally invisible, contributing to the outstanding fit and that feeling of luxury. 

Of course they are handmade in Italy, something that can also be felt through the overall finish of the product. The model features Yniq logotypes on the temples and another one laser etched into the front metal frame. Lenses of the highest quality, available in a variety of mirror coatings, of course
with anti-scratch and anti-fog layers. 

If they weren’t so enjoyable to look at,
we’d be tempted to use the word rational about them. But we promise you that will not happen. The Model Square certainly hits different notes.


Designed with love in Sweden, manufactured with care in Italy

All our products are born in Stockholm, Sweden. The designprocess is the first step towards premium quality. We do not leave any space between ambition and finished products. For us its more important that our products have highest quality in combination with the best design and function, than it is to rush any product development process.

Quality - Sport - Luxury

YNIQ is a company in the sports luxury segment. We have the ambition to bring back fashion to sports. We have a stable position in the stores based on that we allways protect our values; Quality - Sport - Luxury. We do not fear temperary lows in the economical trends for we know that premium sports will allways be performed no matter what happens. 



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The time we spend out there is the greatest luxury. Be it in the mountains, on slope, on the trails. To us, those days are priceless. Having to spend time in boardrooms and phone confer-ences, makes you enjoy the days on the mountain even more. Being out there is not only vitalizing, for us it was also a crucial component when we founded this company. By spending a lot of time at higher elevations, we gathered huge amounts of expe-rience that was later converted into the very first Yniq prototypes in 2009. We continue to build on that knowledge. We continue to fine-tune our collection of goggles to perfection.
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